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Getting an Upgrade (Tools pt.2)
Godlycrusaders Admin
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about 1 year ago

It's already been another week, time runs fast people... but so does progress on Billionaire City!

So let me welcome you to our Weekly Sneak Peek. This time again...



(part 2)

But with a twist! As already asked last week(If you haven't read that post yet, I would HEAVILY advise you to do so here)

"Mr. Godly, why do you even tell us about this? What is the use of my Hoe being Level 130???".
To answer that shortly: Upgrades people, Upgrades!

By leveling up your Tools through diverse means as stated in the last Post, you'll upgrade your tools!

There is currently two ways how you can upgrade your Tools:

Level-bound Upgrades

As the name already suggests, the upgrades of your Tools are based on their Level.

As seen in the Screenshot above, upon Level-Up your tool has the chance to obtain a random Upgrade from your Upgrade Pool.
"But what is that now Mr. Godly? What's the Upgrade Pool!?" Unlike last week there won't be a break here! But what stays the same is:
There is more to be seen here than just Tools!

Upgrade Pool

It is a Pool or Container consisting of all your unlocked Upgrades. You unlock Upgrades by doing your Collections.
The Pool ALWAYS contains the highest Upgrade Level you have unlocked. Meaning if you've got Fortune 2 in your Upgrade Pool and you unlock Fortune 3, it would replace Fortune 2.


Cash-bound Upgrades

The other way to Upgrade your Tools is through Money. For that you need to visit the Upgrader NPC

Upon interacting with the Upgrader you will see an Inventory pop up where you can place the Tool you wish to upgrade.

After selecting one of the Upgrades in the fifth row, the Upgrader will show you all levels he has to offer(Not as many as you can unlock via the Level-Up Method)!

The Upgrader though demands high fees(225000 B$ for Level 1 Efficiency, truly outrageous) to upgrade your tools as it is a Profession not known to many people!

Phew hopefully I didn't forget anything in this mess of Screenshots. But no math formula this week! You're very welcome!

If you are reading this and still haven't joined our Discord, I would highly advise you to do so as the early bird catches the worm...Or something like that(There is rewards up for grabs, like the OG-Rank 😉).

There is also another tiny addition that doesn't change gameplay though. There is now a Billionaire City Newsletter(for even more Billionaire City content) that you can sign up for on our Homepage by submitting your Email A
ddress here:

If you've read until here and have some feedback or questions regarding the Sneak Peeks or their writing style, let us know on the Discord.
(you know who we are 😈)

As always stay tuned for the next weekly Sneak Peek, we are just getting started!

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