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Wasting Diamonds on a Hoe (Tools pt. 1)
Godlycrusaders Admin
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about 1 year ago

Namasté dear readers of this sneak peek post,
as already announced on the Discord(if you haven't joined yet, you'd better do so) yesterday we will be posting News on the Progress every Sunday from now on!

And as today is Sunday, unless my calendar is not working properly, we will be informing you about Hoes today!
Well more generally speaking...


No, you won't have to get used to new tools in Billionaire City or anything, we wanted to keep it simple(for now) with the Tools and kept Minecraft's basic Pickaxe, Shovel, Hoe and Axe. To spice it up a little bit though...

You can level them!

As seen in the Screenshots above, you level Tools parallely to your Proficiency by using them or by applying XP Shards to the Tools themselves.

XP Shards can be obtained by breaking Blocks & Crops or by leveling up your Collections!


The amount of XP added to your Tool varies from Block to Block and aligns with the XP value for your Proficiency!

Currently Tools need 50 XP to get to Level 1. From there on every next level requires 10% more XP than the previous Level.
Thus your Tool needs 55 XP to reach Level 2!


In case you like Maths, here's the formula for you(if not, you can skip this):

last XP Needed for Level Up * 1.1 = XP needed for next Level


But now you might be wondering: "Mr. Godly, why do you even tell us about this? What is the use of my Hoe being Level 130???"

All I can tell you is, there is more to be seen here 🤫 & if you read carefully, you will know this is a two-or-more-parter(Spoiler: Its in the title!)


So stay tuned for Part 2 next Sunday 😉, cause it's when it'll get really really interesting!




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