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Welcome to the Billionaire City Wiki,

here you will be able to find Wiki Entries of all kinds regarding Billionaire City, it's history, gameplay and so on!

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Jobs are an essential part of Billionaire City's gameplay loop. Jobs are area-locked & timed tasks where players can gather Money, Materials, Proficiency XP and Collection Progress!

Unlike other servers, Billionaire City does not feature permanent Jobs, as in signing up for them and doing them repeatedly. Every Job has a fixed duration, some even with a cooldown! This is to ensure that players use their time and do other Jobs or upgrade their Tools during said Cooldown!

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Billionaire Burgers Job

Billionaire Burgers is a simple and for most people, their first Job on Billionaire City! It can be done every 24 Hours or with a Billionaire Burgers Ticket. It's located at X: 602, Y: 65, Z: 385. The idea is rather straightforward:
Upon accepting the Job at the Billionaire Burgers NPC, you are assigned a Customer as seen below:

You now need to deliver said order to Customer #5 by interacting with respective NPC as fast as possible!

In case you happen to get Customer 11, try to intereact with his feet instead of the Body!


The higher your Total Proficiency, the more Billionaire Burgers payout you will get! A multiplier of (Total Proficiency / 10) will be applied(but only if said Multiplier is > 1)!

A total Proficiency Level of 300! will grant you a Multiplier of 30!

Total Proficiency Level / 10 = Billionaire Burgers Boost(Multiplier)
10 / 10 = 1
20 / 10 = 2
45 / 10 = 4.5
300 / 10 = 30
7 / 10 = 0.7(this would not apply as < 1.0)


Billionaire Burgers is also part of the Billionaire Burgers Competition. The goal is to serve as many Customers as possible!

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Miner Job

The Miner Job is the main Place to level up your Mineralogy Proficiency and to gain Ores and Ingots for your Collection and Money!

The Duration of the Miner Job is 5 Minutes, with a 5 Minute Cooldown!

The Mine is located at X: 764 Y: 85 Z: 223 and divided into 4 Layers, that are either reachable through the Elevator or by foot(walking downwards)!

Each Layer consists of 2-3 Ores, oriented around the Mineralogy Unlock Levels(the deeper, the higher-leveled the Ores are). They all also have their own Miner Job Start NPC, so no time is wasted!

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Gold Rush Job

Gold Rush is a weekly(or ticketly) Mining Job that allows to gather a big amount of Gold and therefore Money! The Gold gained from Gold Rush does NOT contribute to your Collection or Proficiency!

It's situated at the Gold Rush Subway Station, X: -839, Y: 71, Z: -60!

The Amount of Gold obtained depends on the Blocks you break,
The hierarchy is as follows(most to least Gold):

1. Gold Block

2. Raw Gold Block

3. Deep Slate Gold Ore

4. Gold Ore

Billionaire Plus Benefits

Billionaire Plus Members have a 500% Gold Drop Increase!

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Farmer Job

The Farmer Job is the main Place to level up your Farming Proficiency and to gain Crops and Plants for your Collection and Money!

The Duration of the Farmer Job is 5 Minutes long, with a Cooldown of 5 Minutes!

The Farmer is located at X: -331 Y: 65 Z: 22, at the Outskirts Subway Station, and divided sub-spaces for all Crops. You can find all Farming Crops here(besides Glowberries)!


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Lumberjack Job

The Lumberjack Job is the main Place to level up your Forestry Proficiency and to gain Logs, Roots and Mushrooms for your Collection and Money!

The Lumberjack is located at X: -329 Y: 65 Z: 65, at the Outskirts Subway Station , and features all Overworld Tree Types to fell!


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Fishing Job

The Fishing Job is an optional Job that players can unlock by purchasing a Ship! It allows to not only catch Vanilla Fish, like Cod and Pufferfish, but also Crabs & Narwhals.

Obtained Fish can be sold at Fisher Joe's! The Fishing Job has a duration of 10 Minutes and NO Cooldown!

The Job can be started on Deck of your Ship by interacting with this NPC:

Big Fish Event

You might be wondering what the Twist here is! Upon casting your Fishing Rod there's a Chance you will get a so-called "Big Fish Event".

Players will be presented with a bar like this:

The goal is to reel in your Fishing Rod right when the Magenta Marker is on the Green Spots! You will then catch a special custom Fish, such as a Jellyfish in the example below:

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Proficiency is the main Skill-Level System on Billionaire City!

Developing these Skills or Proficiences unlocks more capabilities for the player, such as unlocking new Areas or being allowed to obtain new items!

Proficiency is displayed above your Hotbar as seen below:

Total Proficiency (Level)

The Total Proficiency Level is defined as the Sum of all your Proficiency Levels (you add them together). It is a factor used in various Gameplay areas!

Example: Mineralogy Level 25, Forestry Level 0, Farming Level 17 and Fishing Level 1 would equal a Total Proficiency Level of 43!

Mineralogy Proficiency

Your Mineralogy Proficiency defines which Ores you can mine in the Miner Job.
A complete list of all available Ores and their respective Levels to unlock:

Level 0: Coal; Level 1: Copper; Level 3: Lapis; Level 4: Obsidian; Level 5: Iron; Level 7: Redstone;  Level 10: Gold; Level 15: Diamond; Level 17: Emerald

Farming Proficiency

Your Farming Proficiency defines which Crops & Plants you can harvest in the Farmer & Miner(Glowberries) Job!

A complete list of all available Crops & Plants and their respective Levels to Unlock:

Level 0: Wheat; Level 1: Carrots; Level 4: Potatoes; Level 5: Beetroot; Level 6: Sugar Cane; Level 8: Pumpkin; Level 10: Melon; Level 14: Glow Berries; Level 16: Sweet Berries; Level 20: Cocoa Beans

Forestry Proficiency

You love the Forest? We do too, thats why this needs a re-work. Currently you can still level it through the Lumberjack Job!

Fishing Proficiency

Fishing Proficiency is a seasonal Proficiency, originally added back during the Summer Season Part 2 Update.

It defines which and how many Enchantments you can use on a Rod. The formula is as follows:

= expression to ceil, rounding up to the next Integer!

Enchantment Level x 1.5 = Answer Final Answer(Ceiling/Rounding up to the next whole Number)
1 x 1.5 = 1.5 2
2 x 1.5 = 3 3
3 x 1.5 = 4.5 5

required Fishing Level = (Enchant 1 Level * 1.5) + (Enchant 2 Level * 1.5)+ (Enchant 3 Level * 1.5) ...
Explanation: Lure 3 Enchantment will require a Fishing Proficiency Level of 5, because the Level(3) times 1.5, rounded up equals 5!

Lure 3 + Luck of the Sea 3 = (⌈4.5) + (⌈4.5) = 5 + 5 = 10(required Fishing Proficiency Level)

Not only does it take Vanilla Fish, such as Cod, Salmon and Pufferfish into Consideration but also adds Custom Fish like Narwhals, Dolphins and Orcas with real-life weight ranges!


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Collection is one of the many ways players can earn Rewards on Billionaire City!

You can access your Collection by executing the /collection or /collect Commands!

It will bring up the following menu:

From there on you can navigate to the Proficiency & select a Material:

This will bring up the Menu for respective Material(in this example Gold) & its respective Rewards(Gold Ore Backpack Cosmetic in this example):

The fundamental idea of Collection is to reward the player for putting in Time & Effort into Billionaire City!

Obtainable Rewards are:

- Various kinds of XP(Tool and Proficiency)

- Cosmetics

- Special Tags

- Enchantments for your Enchantment Pool

- Special Vouchers(e.g. Free Enchantment, Gold Rush Tickets etc.)

- Temp Worker Upgrade Vouchers

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Billionaire City features purchaseable houses and they come in all sizes and shapes, that you can decorate to your liking!
The Houses below are all owned and inhabited by players of Billionaire City

You can buy them as an asset or private property to live in. Their buy price is calculated by their location and size! You can check whether a house is on the market and its according price by executing the /house info command or by right-clicking the House sign. This will bring up the following menu:

You can easily find unoccupied Houses with /navi

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Let's say you can't afford a house or your house is just so big that you can rent out parts of it to others to also make some extra cash 😉, you'll need our Apartment system to do so. Each of the premade Houses that offer Apartments on Billionaire City contain an Elevator Switch as seen below.

Upon interacting with it you will be presented with all Apartments that this House contains, as seen in the GIF below.

Unlike owning a House, you need to pay Rent for your Apartment. In this case 240 and 80 B$ per day. This money will be deducted from your bank account every 24 real-life hours, no matter whether you're online or not. If you happen to be broke and can't afford your Rent for more than 10 real-life days, you will be evicted from your Apartment!

Apartments are presented differently to you, depending on whether you rent them or not.

Occupied Apartments will be shown in RED, free Apartments in YELLOW and your rented Apartments in GREEN.

Upon renting an Apartment it will show more options in the menu.

Right-clicking gives you the option to move out of the Apartment, while Left-clicking will teleport you to your Apartment, in which you can now do as you please(somewhat). You can only break the blocks you've placed and no more. We don't want Billionaire City to end up looking like 2b2t after all...

But all your property is protected from other players and cannot be accessed by them, unless you trust them to do so.

When moving out of on Apartment, it will be reset to its original point, meaning all storage blocks will be emptied and items will be lost. So before you move out, make sure you've got all your valueables with you!

There will be a separate guide on how to create Apartments with our Apartment Creation Tool when owning a House! Because you wanna profit from it after all right? Especially as a future Billionaire!

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Chroma's Fishing Guide
For all your fishing needs :)

This guide will include all things fishing from starting at fishing prof (proficiency) 1 all the way to starting the custom fishing job and beyond. This will all be done in chronological order, as to provide an easy to navigate and informative guide for you to follow right from the start of your fishing adventures! Lets start with...

The Start... (I guess lol)

In the beginning you will only be able to do regular fishing (which you can do just about anywhere) HOWEVER, just because it is regular, does not mean that it is bad as you still have the chance of finding treasures which may (or may not) be very valuable. The list of treasures below are a good indicator of what you can find, going from (what I think are) the most common to the rarest that you can find.


  1. Bowl (no use)
  2. Bones (no use)
  3. Lily Pads (no use)
  4. Sticks (no use)
  5. Bamboo (no use)
  6. String (no use)
  7. Leather Boots (no use, BUT very swanky)
  8. Leather (Used in crafting item frames)
  9. Glass Bottles (Used in crafting Mending Vial)
  10. Fish Bones (Used to craft enchants later on)
  11. Fishing XP (Used to level up your fishing prof level)


  1. Billionaire Burgers Tickets (Used to cancel the 24h cooldown on Billionaire Burgers)
  2. Gold Rush Tickets (Used to cancel the 1w cooldown on Gold Rush)
  3. Quest Rerolls (Used to reset your daily quests (can be used after completing current ones to get more daily quest tokens))
  4. Free Enchantment Vouchers (Will allow you to get a free enchantment of any level at the Upgrader)

Ultra Rare

  1. Pearls (Used to get the custom enchant Luring Chant of the Ocean (Increases custom fish chance by 50% at level 3!))
  2. Golden String (Used in crafting and upgrading enchants)
  3. Speed Vouchers (Used to upgrade a Temp worker if you own a storage)
  4. Efficiency Vouchers (Same as above)

Ultra Mega Super Duper Rare (I cant state how rare this is!)

A pre enchanted fishing rod MAY be found from fishing, HOWEVER in my 6 real life days of playtime (as of the time of writing), I have only ever seen this ONCE. This is the only way to obtain a mending enchantment on a fishing rod (as of the time of writing) so it can be VERY valuable!

If you need to sell your fish you can go to any Fisher Joe (one is found at Billionaire Beach, the other is on the fishing island which you can reach by having a total prof of 50 (all combined) or you can bypass this with a Billionaire Plus Membership) as seen below:

You will get 2 options when you right click him (seen below) you want to click the gold ingot for now to sell your fish, dissecting (the anvil) will come into play later, when you have unlocked crafting recipes for enchants from /collect.

Now that all of that has been covered we can move on to something that can be very valuable at any point in the game really.

Fishing Tournaments

As stated above, fishing tournaments can be VERY valuable (and not so valuable) depending on what rewards you get if you win. For one of these tournaments at least 3 people need to compete and whoever has the biggest fish wins the rewards, usually some money and one of the rewards listed below:

  1. Any of the common junk mentioned above
  2. A free enchant of any level, these could include the following:
  3. Unbreaking (level 1, 2 or 3)
  4. Luck of the Sea (level 1, 2 or 3)
  5. Lure (level 1, 2 or 3)

Getting any enchant can help you catch fish faster (Lure), makes you have a higher chance of bigger fish AND a better chance to catch treasures (Luck) and finally allows you to use your fishing rod for longer without it breaking (Unbreaking). Lure is especially good because (it feels like) it almost doubles your catch rate at times. Lets now move on too...

Getting Yourself your First Ship!

Before you begin this part of the guide you NEED to have a total prof of 50 (all combined, e.g. 20 mining, 12 farming, 5 forestry and 13 fishing. (20 + 12 + 5 + 13 = 50 total prof). You will also need at least 150,000 B$ (the more you have the better). Once you have both of these you can head on over to the kind ferry lady to get you over to the fishing island to really begin your adventure! This is her by the way:

She can be found on the wooden dock next to the giant Orca statue (x: 424, z: 926), right clicking her will allow you to travel to the island after a short trip on the ferry.

Now that you are on the fishing island, you can head to this man:

Who will sell you all kinds of different ships and will also allow you to travel to said ships once purchased. Now, if we right click this man we will see two options, Get on Deck of your Ship (the anchor) and Buy Ship (the boat), we want to buy a ship, so click that one. After that we can see 5 options, these go in order from worst to best and also cheapest to most expensive. Now (depending on your budget) you can mouse over each one to see the minimum price of it, however, if you click it you will find different variants that offer a better catch rate than the standard one, but cost a little bit more than the standard one.

Now, once you press to get on the deck of your ship, I recommend you use /shop to buy yourself some wood and build a few chests to use for storage and place them wherever you like. After that, you can right click this guy (will take on YOUR skin) and start the fishing job. This will add custom fish to the pool that are worth a lot more money that regular fish. These fish come with their own minigame where you must bring the rod in (right click) in the green zone.

Once you have completed the job (or you have ran out of inventory space) you can go back to the island by using /shore and go straight ahead to Fisherman Joe who will buy your custom and regular fish from you for $$$. If you are curious of what fish can be caught, you can use /fish to take a look at all of them :)


Enchantments are very important for you to maximise your potential when fishing (as well as owning a big ol' mega yacht) HOWEVER they can be quite hard to come by as stated in the tournaments section above. Eventually you will be able to unlock all of these enchantments to craft for yourself through /collect. Lets first begin with...

Dissecting (not an enchant just important info lol)

At this point in the game it is recommended to start dissecting your fish to prepare for crafting the enchants below, HOWEVER, makes sure you keep a hold of Pufferfish and Tropical Fish as they are used in crafting said enchants. EVERYTHING you receive from dissecting your fish are used in crafting so make sure you keep it all. Below is a list of things you can get from dissecting: 

  1. Fish Oil (only stacks in 16's so make sure you have plenty of storage space)
  2. Fish Bones (Can also be found from regular fishing but mainly obtained from dissecting)
  3. Fish Eyes (Used in crafting recipes below)
  4. Fish Hearts (Same as above)

Ok, now that you know all of this lets actually move onto the recipes for crafting each enchant shall we? WAIT, there's 1 more thing that you need to know before getting started!

Golden String

Golden string is used in crafting 2 out of the 3 enchants (that you can craft) AND upgrading all of the (craftable) enchants through their different levels (up to 3) it can be crafted by combining 8 cobwebs and a piece of gold. Gold can be obtained by either purchasing it from /shop under the Minerology section OR from Goldrush. The cobwebs however must be obtained from the merchants island, you can get there by talking to this man, found near the lighthouse at the far side of Billionaire Beach (x: 268 ,z: 848):

Once you get a ride over to merchant island you want to follow the glowing red sign that is behind the merchant, directly ahead of you when you arrive. Once you follow that path all the way around, you will come across this ominous looking cave entrance:

Don't worry there aren't actually any spiders in there (thankfully), so go on in and start demolishing their homes :). I joke, but you do need to go and gather their cobwebs found all around the cave. After you have done both of these things, you can finally craft a piece of Golden String using the recipe below:

Ok, now that we know everything there is to know about the components that go into crafting these enchants, we can actually begin looking into each one and what they do. Lets begin with...


Lure I (Lure 1) can be unlocked by collecting 50 Pufferfish, making it one of the easier recipes to unlock. The recipe for crafting it can be seen below:

Lure increased the rate at which a fish will bite onto your fishing rod. Making it almost essential at later points in your fishing journey if you want to maximise your profits. Below is the list of /collect milestones that allow you to upgrade to a higher tier of upgrade:

  1. Lure 1 = 50 Pufferfish
  2. Lure 2 = 500 Salmon
  3. Lure 3 = 1000 Pufferfish

Luck of the Sea

Luck of the Sea I (Luck 1) can be unlocked after collecting 25 special fish (custom fish) meaning that it is required that you have gotten to the point where you have gotten yourself a ship. This is one of the harder recipes to unlock because of this. The recipe for Luck 1 is below:

This recipe is why it is important to keep hold of all pufferfish and tropical fish you may collect as they are required to craft it. This is also the hardest base enchant to craft too. Luck of the Sea increased the chance of catching treasures and DECREASES the chance for junk, meaning that you will catch treasure more often. It also increases your chances of catching bigger fish (in terms of weight). Below is the list of /collect milestones that allow you to upgrade to a higher tier of upgrade:

  1. Luck 1 = 25 Special Fish
  2. Luck 2 = 500 Special Fish
  3. Luck 3 = 75 Deep Sea Treasures


Unbreaking I (Unbreaking 1) is the final craftable enchant and is also pretty self explanatory, it causes your tool to have more durability, meaning it takes longer to break than without it. It is unlocked after collecting 50 tropical fish. The recipe for Unbreaking 1 is below:

Below is the list of /collect milestones that allow you to upgrade to a higher tier of upgrade:

  1. Unbreaking 1 = 50 Tropical Fish
  2. Unbreaking 2 = 2000 Cod
  3. Unbreaking 3 = 1500 Tropical Fish

Upgrading Enchantments

Upgrading enchantments is a fairly simple process. All you will need is 2 of the enchants you want to upgrade of the same level and a piece of golden string. The way in which you lay these out to upgrade is below:

The example above is combining 2 Luck 2 enchants into 1 luck 3. This is the same process for crafting to any level above 1 with all of the craftable enchants. Finally there is...

Luring Chant of the Ocean

This is the final enchant that is available for the fishing rod and is also the most powerful as it increases the catch rate of custom fish by up to 50% at level 3. This enchant however, is not crafted, it is instead bought from Siren Alex on the fishing island (x: 1193, z: 1556) seen below:

Once you right click them they will require you to inset your fishing rod into the UI, once you do you will get only 1 option, click it, you will then notice that there are 3 options, these are the levels of the enchantment. You might notice that these also cost pearls, this is why it is insanely important to keep a hold of these as you go on (tip: you can also get pearls from dissecting clams). Once you gather the required amount of pearls for the enchant level you want, all you have to do is click on the one you want and it will be applied to the fishing rod.


Mending is obtained through different means to everything else in this list, as it is unlocked through forestry and is made using items that are forestry specific. (That means this section might be a bit long...) Mending allows you to repair your fishing rod with XP meaning you can keep all of those fancy enchants forever.

Mending 1

Mending 1 is obtained by collecting all 7 types of compressed wood available at the lumberjack hills at the outskirts (x:-330, z: 60). Compressed wood is created at this table:

Once we right click the Tablesaw, we will see this menu:

As you can see on the left, if we put a stack (64) of any wood type, we will get the compressed version of that wood type, that is used for crafting and also sells for more. (Tip: you can click on the thing on the left to create the compressed wood easier.) To obtain the wood, you may have to level up your forestry. However, once you have done that you can move onto the next step.

This next step has you collect one of every type of leaf available in the forestry area, as well as 2 mending vials. The leaves are easy, HOWEVER, they must be in the correct order! You can see this order using /recipes and clicking on Regenerative Vine. The mending vials crafter by doing the following:

The bottles can be fished up, as stated before, and the golden string can be crafted as seen above. The mending vial can also be used to repair your tools by right clicking it to store XP and dragging and dropping it on top of an item with the Mending enchant. However, in this case we need two of them for crafting.

Once you have gotten 2 (they do not need to be full) you can insert the leaves and mending bottles in the pattern seen below into a crafting table. (/recipe is probably more useful than the image below as it shows what order the leaves need to go in, I find it easier to go left to right, top to bottom)

This is a regenerative vine and is required to create a mending enchant for your fishing rod. Now that we have both this and all compressed wood types, we can finally craft the Mending enchant. as seen in the grid below. (Again, probably better to just use /recipe for this, as it shows the order.)

And that is the full crafting guide to mending. To upgrade this however, the crafting recipe is slightly different, as it requires regenerative vines. Below is the crafting recipe for Mending 2. Mending 2 allows for even faster repairing from mending (this is entirely optional, mending 1 works completely fine to my knowledge)

The holy hand grenades in the grid are level 1. To craft a level 3 mending enchant the recipe is as below:

Each of those are level 2 enchants. That is it for enchanting. Anything past Mending 1 is unnecessary in my opinion, however it is there if you wanted to craft it.

The End

Thank you for reading through my (admittedly pretty long) guide on fishing, I hope you understood everything, if not feel free to ask me about it in game if you see me :) Thanks again!

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Chroma's Tips & Tricks

Just a few tips to help you on your journey through Billionaire City!

This guide will include many different tips that you can utilise to make your way through Billionaire City (B-City) from start and beyond. Lets begin!

Tip #1 - Utilise the Auction House!

This is the first tip for a reason, the auction house (AH/ah) goes heavily under utilized by new players and old players alike, you can sell anything on there at prices that are set by YOU. This allows for the freedom to sell things at whatever price you want! Something is not selling? Maybe lower the price a bit. Something is selling too much? Raise the price a bit. This is the power of the auction house. It can also be easily accessed from anywhere by using the command /ah meaning that if you want to take something off it on the fly, you can. This function of the server goes heavily under utilized and is in need of some new life breathed into it. That new life could be you...

Anyways the way that you would sell an item on the ah is by using the command: "/ah sell (your price) (amount of items to sell)" so say I wanted to sell a fishing rod enchantments, I would hold the enchantment in my hand and type "/ah sell 10000 1", which would then put  one item up for sale on the /ah for 10000 B$.

Tip #2 - Get Mending on all Tools Before Anything Else! (Fishing rod excluded)

It is almost essential in the early game to get mending on your tools as soon as possible (in my opinion) now, obviously you want to make sure it is a diamond tool that you are applying the enchant too. This is very important as it allows you to have the same tool for the rest of your time in B-City that is ready to be upgraded whenever you want and it will stay FOREVER. The only exception for this is a fishing rod, because you cannot craft a mending enchant (as of writing). 

Mending is also important thanks to Mending Vials, which can be crafted like so:

Mending Vials are very useful as they can repair any tool with mending, making it very useful for axes, shovels and hoes.

Tip #3 - Use the Cooldown Time on Jobs to do Something Else!

I know that the cooldown on jobs can be annoying BUT there is a reason for them. You should use that time effectively, to go do other jobs, however, I recommend fishing as this can allow you to fish up free enchantment vouchers (among many other things, see my fishing guide for more info) which can be used to enchant your tools with mending (excluding a fishing rod), as well as many other enchants.

Tip #4 - Getting to Proficiency Total 50 Fast!

This is another big tip as this will allow you to get into the fishing job, which is where the big $$$ is at. To do this I recommend doing Mining, as well as fishing when that is on cooldown. Alternatively, you can do farming which levels up its proficiency very fast and when that is on cooldown you can do forestry. These two are the easiest ways to get to level 50 total prof fast!

Tip #5 - Easiest Way to Obtain Many Valuable Items.

The easiest ways to obtain rare items is either through someone selling you them on the ah, or going fishing to get them yourself. The whole list of treasures can be found on my fishing guide, however the most important ones are the free enchantment vouchers for the early game.

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Getting Started in Billionaire City!


Billionaire city can seem very confusing at first, that is what this guide is designed to help with! I will guide you through the steps you need to take to get started in Billionaire City, from when you first arrive here and beyond. Let us begin.

Step 1 - Billionaire Burgers

When you first arrive in Billionaire City (B-City) you may be confused and broke, but worry not! Billionaire Burgers is always hiring, however they will only let you work once every 24 hours (unless you can give the manager a Billionaire Burgers Ticket, more on that in other guides) so make the most of the 2 minutes you get, as you will have to wait 24 hours to do it again. (Or just ask in chat for a Billionaire Burgers Ticket, I'm sure someone will help) The manager will tell you a customer with a number, your goal is to find said customer and right click them (if you get 11 click their feet). Billionaire burgers is located at: 

x: 600, y: 65, z: 372

Below is the manager of this fine establishment, they will give you the job, be sure to press the green glass pane after right clicking them to get started with it. Remember, SPEED IS KEY!

Step 2 - Mining

Now, once you have eared at least 50 bucks (100 is prefered) it is time to head over to the mine. To do this you can take a left out of Billionaire Burgers and follow the street all the way down until you see this path way on your left (x: 772, y: 65, z: 381):

Once you get here, follow the path all the way up until you reach this guy on the right:

This is a Tool Vendor (although, their name is Pickaxe Dealer), they will sell you any tool that you may need to complete certain jobs. A pickaxe is required for mining, so be sure to pick up at least a gold one (although if you can afford it, I highly recommend Iron because it doesn't break as easy). Now we can continue on to the Job (and a very good early game money source). To do this we must turn left from the Pickaxe Dealer and enter into the mineshaft in front of us. On your left you will see this:

This is a guide to show you what proficiency (prof) level is required for each type of mineral. You start at level 0, so you will only be able to mine coal at first, but don't worry, you will be able to mine the others in no time! Now, we have to look for this guy (x: 760, y: 80, z: 213):

He will let us start the mining job by right clicking him. You get 5 minutes to mine as much ore as possible, you may even level up your mining prof level, meaning that you can mine copper. DO NOT LEAVE THE MINE unless you want to purposefully end the job. After you finish the job, there will be a 5 minute cooldown applied to mining, meaning you have to wait 5 mins to do it again. This gives you time to go do other things (such as fishing, seen my Fishing Guide). And that is mining! Be sure to check /collect for any rewards you may get from mining a certain amount of a mineral (this applies to all jobs, fishing included). After you have finished the job, you can do "/sell all" to sell the majority of the ores you have (sells in stacks of 16, I believe), after that, you should hold the ores in your hot bar and hold them in your hand, then do "/sell hand" to sell the rest. This applies to all jobs, apart from fishing (see fishing guide for more info).

Step 3 - Goldrush

Now, onto Goldrush! For this we will have to take the train to the Goldrush train station. There is a train conductor at /spawn, execute that command and turn around. You will see this man:

You want to right click him and select Goldrush (the last option). Once you get to Goldrush you want to head out of the station, up the stairs and as soon as you leave the station, turn right. This is where you start Goldrush. It is the same deal as mining, however you only get 2 mins (much like Billionaire Burgers) and the cooldown for this is 1 real life week (unless you have a Gold Rush Ticket). You can accept the job from this man (x: -838, y: 71, z: -59):

Once the job has been finished, be sure to sell your gold with "/sell all" and "/sell hand". Now you are free to do what you want, however there are some features of the server you should know about if you are to fully maximise your efficiency!

Step 4 - FREEDOM!

Now you are free to do what you like, but there are some things you should know about before you begin your Billionaire City journey. I will list them below.

1: Jobs

There are other Jobs available in B-City, these include Fishing, Farming and Tree Chopping/Lumber Worker. Fishing is a good way to get your hands on rare items, even in the early game, you can read more about that on my Fishing Guide. You can fish from anywhere really, but I recommend fishing from the beach, as that is where the fish buyer is (more in the fishing guide). Farming is a good way to level up your total prof as it gains prof a lot faster than anything else and Forestry is due a rework, however an easy way to level up it up is through mushrooms. Both Farming and Forestry can be done at the Outskirts (you can Travel from the train conductor at spawn). All of these jobs also have a /collect for each, so be sure to collect the rewards for them!

2: Important Commands

There are a few commands that you should be aware of to help you get started. "/quests" Being one of the most important. This will allow you to do certain tasks to earn money and daily tokens. Check it out! There is also "/map", which will take you to the server's map, which has certain landmarks and jobs on it, you can also explore the map in a street view style if you want. "/navi" is also an important one as it has all locations you can go to on it. It will give you a red line facing wherever the location you selected is.

3: Sights

Sights are these little camera things (see below) that give a 0.1% prof boost (increases the amount of prof you earn in all jobs) each time you collect one. You can get a whole 20% prof boost if you find them all as there are 200 of them. So good luck exploring! (p.s. you can see all sights with "/sights". p.p.s. some have little hints to help you find them)

The End - Have Fun!

I hope this little guide on getting started helped you, well, get started. If you have any feedback you would like to give me (things to add etc.) feel free to reach out to me in-game and I will see what I can do, thanks again! cya!