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KevinOG’s application
KevinOG BillionairePlus OG Member
2 posts
2 topics
about 1 year ago
  • IGN: KevinOG
  • Your age: 26
  • A few lines about yourself(Hobbies e.g.): A few things about my self, first of I love to train. I go to the gym regularly, I also train mixed martial arts (mma) 4 times a week. Another hobby of mine is video games.
  • Discord Tag: DaddyKevin
  • How long you have been part of Billionaire City? How familiar are you with its gameplay and techniques?: I have been on BC since day 1 and know everything I am allowed to know. Also I am genuinely interested in the gameplay. So learning everything else that will be implemented won’t be an issue.
  • What motivated you to apply for a staff position?: I enjoy the server way to much not to be a part of it as a staff member.
  • How do you think we, as Billionaire City, can profit from you in a staff position?: BC will profit from me due to my knowledge of the game. Not only the BC aspects but my knowledge in MC in general.
  • Timezone, as well as your Daily possible Activity on Billionaire City: gmt+1. As for now I am fairly inactive due to recent house purchase. But once I am settled down I can spend countless of time. Which I’ve already proven 😉
  • Previous experiences being staff(not necessary, but it's good additional points): During factions high peak. I was a very known admin on multiple factions servers. Due to the respect I gained from the communities I was a part of. Helpful and kind can take you great places
  • What would you change about Billionaire City if you were in a high-ranking staff position? ("Nothing" isn't allowed here, Billionaire City is not a perfect construct): I would mostly focus on the gameplay. Making sure everything is as smooth as possible, change as much as I am allowed to change. 
    some changes I would love to achieve is mainly job cool-downs, transportation. And beautifications around the server. 
    mainly I would make sure the players are well taken care of. That they feel welcomed and well informed about how things work around BC and what to expect. 

MrRingles Admin
6 posts
0 topics
about 1 year ago

hell nah

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