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KevinOG BillionairePlus OG Member
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Registered:about 1 year ago
Last Seen:11 months ago
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Discord:Daddy Kevin#9635
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  • IGN: KevinOG
  • Your age: 26
  • A few lines about yourself(Hobbies e.g.): A few things about my self, first of I love to train. I go to the gym regularly, I also train mixed martial arts (mma) 4 times a week. Another hobby of mine is video games.
  • Discord Tag: DaddyKevin
  • How long you have been part of Billionaire City? How familiar are you with its gameplay and techniques?: I have been on BC since day 1 and know everything I am allowed to know. Also I am genuinely interested in the gameplay. So learning everything else that will be implemented won’t be an issue.
  • What motivated you to apply for a staff position?: I enjoy the server way to much not to be a part of it as a staff member.
  • How do you think we, as Billionaire City, can profit from you in a staff position?: BC will profit from me due to my knowledge of the game. Not only the BC aspects but my knowledge in MC in general.
  • Timezone, as well as your Daily possible Activity on Billionaire City: gmt+1. As for now I am fairly inactive due to recent house purchase. But once I am settled down I can spend countless of time. Which I’ve already proven 😉
  • Previous experiences being staff(not necessary, but it's good additional points): During factions high peak. I was a very known admin on multiple factions servers. Due to the respect I gained from the communities I was a part of. Helpful and kind can take you great places
  • What would you change about Billionaire City if you were in a high-ranking staff position? ("Nothing" isn't allowed here, Billionaire City is not a perfect construct): I would mostly focus on the gameplay. Making sure everything is as smooth as possible, change as much as I am allowed to change. 
    some changes I would love to achieve is mainly job cool-downs, transportation. And beautifications around the server. 
    mainly I would make sure the players are well taken care of. That they feel welcomed and well informed about how things work around BC and what to expect. 

KevinOG’s application 12 months ago

Hello future billionaires.

My name is Kevin, known as KevinOG in game. 
A few things about me:

I am currently 25 years old, and live in Sweden. I work as a bar manager for one of Stockholm’s best restaurants and have currently been there for 3 years.

I have 2 kids (both boys) one age 3 and one soon to be 1.

I was the first supporter for the server and my current mission is to find flaws within the server to exploit. I have found a few thing note wordy. And my quest continues!

other then that I just reached 100k in game. (Was a grind at this stage of the server, no idea knowing how the future money makers will be)


hopefully I will see a ton of people online soon, it gets a bit boring being alone with these 2 weird server owners watching every step and glitch I do.

til we meet again - Kevin

KevinOG about 1 year ago