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RuneCqt OG Member
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Registered:12 months ago
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IGN: RuneCqt

Age: 16

My hobbies are gaming or making music I also make servers for fun :)

learning to code


I joined billionaire city about last month but I'm willing to learn more about the server and help it out with anything like, moderation, building, plugins, permissions, or anything else you need me to help with. I'm skilled with dev things for instance creating items 

I was motivated to put in an application to become staff because I think I can contribute a lot to the server, I know how things work and how to actually do stuff I know most cmds and most plugin commands and if not then I'm willing to learn

I think Billionaire city would profit a lot from me becoming staff because I will help out as much as possible and I can be online a lot.

Time zone: CDT I can be online a lot during the day 10 am to 12:00 then 2 to 6

I have lots of experience with being staff on servers, (5 years' experience) I have been a dev on a server called OsteriaMC (skyblock server) I have been an admin and a builder on another server. 

If I became staff, I would probably add ways to create jobs for others or more items, I would add more things to do to earn money around the map because there's always more things to add :)

RuneCqt Staff Application 12 months ago