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Jobs, Proficiency & Collection
Godlycrusaders Admin
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about 1 year ago

Well well well, it's almost been another month since our last posting.
So let's get straight to the point, you want updates, we deliver updates.

As the most of us start small in life we have to work ourselves up to the top of the ladder.
To help you out in the start, Billionare city features...


Jobs can be found all over Billionaire City and started at NPCs like this:

As the text above says, you need to right-click them in order to start the Job! All Jobs need to be executed

in a specified time-frame, e.g. 2 Minutes, meaning you have 2 Minutes to complete the Job.

Some also have a delay, meaning you need to wait a bit of time before you can do the exact same Job again.

There is also Jobs that are locked by...


Proficiency is the main character leveling system in Billionaire City. As of now it is split into three different categories, your areas of expertise so to speak.
They can all be leveled without any debuff on other categories. As you level them up you can unlock rewards and access to previously mentioned Jobs.
You can check your Proficiency levels either with an ingame command or on the scoreboard!

The base formula for Proficiency levels is: 

xpNeededForNextLevel = baseXPNeededForNextLevel(100) * currentLevel * 1.5
Meaning the next amount of XP required to rank up is 100 *  your current Level * 1.5

Each associated block, item or action with the Proficiency has an XP value, meaning if you break said block, collected said item or do said action, you will be rewarded with that XP amount(and more if you have boosters 😉)

Now now, I already said "collected"(I hope you read that!) so let's get to...


Collection is meant to give you, the players, an overview of all items, blocks or actions that influence your Proficiency and how many of them you have collected. The Collection is accessible by using an ingame command and shows the three Proficiency types to choose from. Once you click on any of them, you'll be shown everything that has an XP Value to that exact Proficiency type.

Let's hypothetically assume there was a ⛏ Mining Proficiency, then Diamonds would have a specified XP value that would be added onto your Proficiency XP Progress, but would also increase the amount of Diamonds you have collected so far.

Every Collection entry also has rewards to unlock, meaning if you collect e.g. 100 Diamonds, you will unlock the reward for 100 Diamonds.


Thank you for reading this short sneak peek post and as always



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