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Plots & Districts
Godlycrusaders Admin
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about 1 year ago


Hey hey people,
with this post we want to give you a little update on how things are progressing.


Plots are 16x16 Areas that can be owned and distributed by players. They allow you to build whatever you want, alone or with friends. May it be a shop, skyscraper or a mansion. It can also be held as asset, as they increase your net-worth, their worth depending on various factors, such as location.

Their value, whether they're buyable or not, owner and buy-price can be checked either directly ingame or via our map!

On our map they're displayed like this:

The red territory is State-owned territory, the blue one is owned by a player(that colour can be changed to your liking ingame!)

Each Plot has a price that is either set by the Owner or by the price-modifier of the District the Plot is located within (Latter counts for state-owned territory)

The picture above shows two Districts as they're highlighted on our map, Billionaire Beach and Downtown. State-owned Plots have their price modified by respective values.

Final Price = Base Price * Price-Modifier

Example: Let's assume the base price of a State-owned Plot is 100,000B$, which means that this exact Plot in the Downtown District would cost 90,000B$ and 750,000B$ in the Beach Area.

The price modifier of each District is viewable on the map or ingame directly via a command.

It is one of our innovative features that is supposed to balance the gameplay and allow for competition in the long run!




Thank you for reading this short sneak peek post and as always

Last edited: about 1 year ago