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Billionaire City: The most ambitious Minecraft Economy Server
Godlycrusaders Admin
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8 months ago

Hey, you there! Yes, you!

Welcome to the official Billionaire City website!
Billionaire City is one of the most ambitious Minecraft Server Projects in a while, trying to set new standards in the genre of Economy & City Build Servers.

Tired of the countless Servers that feature the basic ass Plots you've seen a bazillion times? Tired of dupe glitches, exploits and an unbalanced Economy? Tired of spawning in an being surrounded by a skycraper city that makes you feel tiny & every player is already established?

Then you have come to the right place: Billionaire City!

We are a relatively young server, just released in May this year, but we've already released over 184 Updates(as seen in the Discord Update-log Channel) of varying sizes.

We constantly improve what we offer our playerbase and follow a strict codex, our vision:

Our vision for Billionaire City is to create a new generation economy server, intended to bring about a revolution in the stale space of modern economy servers. With ever-expanding content, thought-through, player-centric and innovative systems that allow for a maximum amount of play-styles. Be it a post-work chill-out gaming session or a more competitive approach.

We, as staff, want to interfere as little as possible in the economic affairs of the players, yet if regulation is deemed necessary by our community, we will take measures to restore a fair economy. This is an example of what we hold to be self-evident, a permanent communicative and friendly exchange between community and staff team so we can guarantee a fun experience for everyone.


Unlike other Servers, we highly support a Meritocracy!
Big words Mr. Godly

Yes, I know, but let me explain.

We want the player to be rewarded for actively spending time on Billionaire City and contributing to the Community, as well as the Economy. We offer no shortcuts in any way, not even for Real-life Money. We dislike offering Benefits in exchange for Real-Life money, which is why we only offer one Rank. BillionairePlus. Yet of course a Server needs Finances, that's why instead of having Three Billion Ranks, all on 85% Sale all the time, we have Cosmetics. For you to look good and help support this idea of a Server we're pursuing.

And it's already got enormous amounts of good impressions and built a very welcoming and solid Community we love to interact with and depend on! A lot of our Community Members have contributed to the current State of Billionaire City, be it finding Bugs or suggesting new Features, writing Wiki Entries or simply by welcoming new Members wholeheartedly! A big thank you goes out to you all!

The decision to make this Server will soon be a year old on the 25th of November, the release was barely 6 Months after. Looking back, Billionaire City has come a long way. Again, 184 Updates! That's more than most Triple A studies will ever release for their Games! And we, as Staff Team & Owners, will be very happy to continue this!
We're not done yet, and both Owners hold this to be true:
Go big or go home.

So see you on the Server, right?!