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Registered:10 months ago
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I vouch, great builder that is also very active.

Chunngo's Application 3 months ago

IGN: Chromatoast

Age: 20

About Me: I am currently a 2nd year Uni student doing Game Development. I enjoy music (of all kinds, right now its classic 60's, 70's 80's etc), I also enjoy playing games as well as making them. My favourite games are ones where I can express myself, whether is be creating stuff, or using stuff to create something I think looks nice. 

Discord Tag: chromatoast

How long Ive been around: I think ive been around for 3 months in 4 days, I feel like I know alot that there is to know about the ins and outs of B-City and think I have created a few things myself, like my fishing machine thingy.

My Motivations: I was motivated to apply for staff because im around for a bit everyday anyways and I have always been the helping type. It just feels right.

Benefits: I think I can benefit the staff team as a whole by offering more support to the community and the staff in general at different times of the day thanks to my time zone.

Time Zone and daily activity: GMT and im around for atleast 30 minutes a day.

Experience: I have no experience being staff anywhere else.

What I would change: I think B-City is just in need of stuff to keep players engaged from the go, these could be things like simple things that lets the plyer explore the city, like fetch quests of sorts. I also think that I could help fill out the map in the gaps that there are.

Thank you :)

Chromatoast's Staff Application 7 months ago