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Houses & Apartments
Godlycrusaders Admin
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about 1 year ago

Ship ahoy, dear readers of this Sneak peek! The Billionaire City ship will be setting sail on 12th of May. For all news regarding that, check out the Announcement we posted on our Discord!

As promised, this weeks Sneak Peek will be a bit longer and cover a more IMPORTANT part of Gameplay as it's about properties and owning Real-Estate and how exactly that works. The most important part of Real-Estate of course are...


Who would have guessed, right? Billionaire City features purchaseable houses and they come in all sizes and shapes!

You can buy them as an asset or private property to live in. Their buy price upon release of Billionaire City will be calculated by their location, size and by another factor we'll get back to later! You can check whether a house is on the market and its according price by executing the /house info command. This will bring up the following menu:

In the GIF above you're able to see the other factor I talked about earlier...


Let's say you can't afford a house or your house is just so big that you can rent out parts of it to others to also make some extra cash 😉, you'll need our Apartment system to do so. Each of the premade Houses that offer Apartments on Billionaire City contain an Elevator Switch as seen below.

Upon interacting with it you will be presented with all Apartments that this House contains, as seen in the GIF below.

Unlike owning a House, you need to pay Rent for your Apartment. In this case 240 and 80 B$ per day. This money will be deducted from your bank account every 24 real-life hours, no matter whether you're online or not. If you happen to be broke and can't afford your Rent for more than 10 real-life days, you will be evicted from your Apartment!

Apartments are presented differently to you, depending on whether you rent them or not.

Occupied Apartments will be shown in RED, free Apartments in YELLOW and your rented Apartments in GREEN.

Upon renting an Apartment it will show more options in the menu.

Right-clicking gives you the option to move out of the Apartment, while Left-clicking will teleport you to your Apartment, in which you can now do as you please(somewhat). You can only break the blocks you've placed and no more. We don't want Billionaire City to end up looking like 2b2t after all...

But all your property is protected from other players and cannot be accessed by them, unless you trust them to do so.

When moving out of on Apartment, it will be reset to its original point, meaning all storage blocks will be emptied and items will be lost. So before you move out, make sure you've got all your valueables with you!

There will be a separate guide on how to create Apartments with our Apartment Creation Tool when owning a House! Because you wanna profit from it after all right? Especially as a future Billionaire!


There'll be further announcements considering the Beta Release of Billionaire City soon, until then, stay tuned!
We're also still giving out the OG Rank to everyone who joins our Discord. So you'd better grab it 👀


As always, if you've read until here and have some feedback or questions regarding the Sneak Peeks or their writing style, let us know on Discord.
(you know who we are 😈)


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about 1 year ago


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