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Godlycrusaders Admin
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about 1 year ago


This time I'll spare you guys the introduction. Let's just get straight to the point because this week's Sneak Peek will be short so we can supply you with double the amount NEXT WEEK(but don't you dare stop reading here just because this one's not as long🙄).

Billionaire City is of course already a Sight for itself(which you will very soon see for yourselves 😉)
but to reward the more ADVENTUROUS players, the pioneers, we decided to add...


Sights are locations we thought you guys should see. They can be found all across Billionaire City (and beyond)

and are marked by a small camera on the ground as seen in the Screenshot below

Interacting with them will mark them as found in your Sights Journal. To make it a little bit easier to find these Sights (not like our players would need help but you get it), we added (very poetic) hints:

As stated earlier, they are supposed to reward the more explorative players, that's why ...

Every Sight you find adds a 0.1% General Proficiency XP Boost(in case you don't know what Proficiency is, check this Post out).

Now that may not sound like much at first, but eventually it will add up to 15% XP Boost or even more!

And that will surely give you an edge over competition. After all that's what the goal is right? To become a Billionaire and crush your competition!

As previously mentioned, this Post is a bit shorter than previous ones, but that's only because next week's is going to be BIG.

As always stay tuned for the next weekly Sneak Peek(ESPECIALLY THIS TIME)!


If you've read until here and have some feedback or questions regarding the Sneak Peeks or their writing style, let us know on Discord.
(you know who we are 😈)

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