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imalexhihi's Staff Application (pt.2!?!?)
imalexhihi Member
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about 1 month ago


17 (minor)

   While I said in past, I enjoy drawing, redstone, anything artistic and engineering in some way. Ive made it to 8th year of playing violin, continuing to 9 years. In past years, I was in honors, county, and currently am a Varsity orchestral player. I am a dedicated worker that will put my full strength into something even with limited time and/or supplies. I still believe that is true, only update really is I have strengthened my skills in skin making, practicing with different programs

imalexhihi; previously imalexhihi#1007

    I have been here since the release of the server, I am familiar with this servers locating and work ethic’s to build your way up. Along with the new Moody aspects of the server, I am gaining familiarity to the aspects of this, it’s been an honor to see the server grow into something this big. I am applying to become a staff member due to the feeling of welcoming from the whole server, I want to help out and give support/time in return. It motivates me for challenge, in a sense of wanting to strive for better. I’d be honored to help out with the server once more, given I have the actual free time during summer to. If I could help bring that to the community, id be more than happy to. I believe so, the server is full of wonderful architects and this application is to be one if possible. An extra builder or help of hands. As mentioned previously, redstone and anything artistically are my main projects, id like to bring that creativity to the table. Meaning I’ll be more than happy to try new programs or building for hours on end if needed, just don’t let me get distracted!!!!


PST timezone, with summer time, I should be online at least once everyday or so (except some weekends due to being at my dad’s). During school season (starting August), I should be online at least 12 hours per week.
I have worked for this server originally, it was an honor but couldn’t keep it up with the lack of time. I’ve been staff and ++ members in previous servers, creating connections with staff members. As well as just silly servers with friends The main thing I’d loved to be focused on is the artistic parts of helping the server, that including skins, textures, banners, and building. While I am somewhat able to do redstone (despite me absolutely adoring it, I’m not Mumbo style yet). Both BC and Moody are absolutely gorgeous and riddled with details (live laugh chroma), I’d be honored to help with future projects such as this. Whether that be quick jobs and/or quests, contributing to the server would be fun. I design Minecraft skins and banners, would be more than happy to help out if needed.
Thank you for your time.

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Godlycrusaders Admin
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about 1 month ago


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