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Mia's Application
xxAdoreeeMia Member
1 posts
1 topics
10 months ago

My IGN is xxAdoreeeMia. My age is 19. My hobbies are painting, writing poetry and playing minecraft. My discord tag is kyla0433_78124. I have been a Part of B illionare City for about a week. As for gameplay and techniques i am have been around the map enough to show new comers around and help them get situated with the servers systems. My love for the server is what motivated me to want to apply for the position, i love the map and its lay out as well as its warm and comforting staff and owners. You can benefit as me being a staff by lending you a extra hand with building, developing and designing as well as helping people get acclimated with the server. I can be active on the server 2 to 3 days a week, i will most likely be more active on weekends then weekdays. I have been a previous owner, coowner, and builder on many other servers before. They would have me set commands, build, and help new members get comfortable. I would help the server to get work done fast and efficiently, allowing for a calmer transition for newcomers helping make the information of the server alot easier to understand and follow. 

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Godlycrusaders Admin
32 posts
13 topics
10 months ago