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Release of the forums
Godlycrusaders Admin
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about 1 year ago

Hello all,
as this is our first post after the creation of the server & the website we first want to introduce you to


Our vision for Billionaire City is to create a new generation economy server, intended to bring about a revolution in the stale space of modern economy servers. With ever-expanding content, thought-through, player-centric and innovative systems that allow for a maximum amount of play-styles. Be it a post-work chill-out gaming session or a more competitive approach.

We, as staff, want to interfere as little as possible in the economic affairs of the players, yet if regulation is deemed necessary by our community, we will take measures to restore a fair economy. This is an example of what we hold to be self-evident, a permanent communicative and friendly exchange between community and staff team so we can guarantee a fun experience for everyone.

Talking about staff

We will soon post an update on how to apply for staff and what the requirements are,
because we want to ensure that the applicants share the same values when it comes to player experience and satisfaction,
as well as creating a fun and suitable environment for everyone.

Yes, updates... we will try to supply you with as much information as we can about the server, its content and also its release.
But for now you'll have to trust the team and the process(which we will keep you updated about).

We, as a team, are really looking forward to putting out a great server experience for everyone.
Thanks for reading!


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