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seekboyYT apllication original
seekboyYT Member
1 posts
1 topics
12 months ago

Hello im seekboyYT and i wild like to have a rank:moderator and i am a 10 year old minecraft player. And i do mlg,pvp and building

discord emo geno

ive just started playing billionaire vity i dont know anything about it eccept the fact my freind is freinds with the owner 

so i got soo excited becuase ive never had to be accepted and i would like to get a rank i will do it with no payment 100% free and i will work harder than ever 


i will be active 12 hrs  a day

my experiences are with a player named verslyy ik how to be a good mod in server like sauha with big builds 

i will change in billionaire city  and i will be a good mod following every comand 

@emo geno on discord

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Godlycrusaders Admin
32 posts
13 topics
12 months ago

Sorry brother, applying just for the sake of getting a Rank is not what we want here.