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KevinOG BillionairePlus OG Member
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about 1 year ago

Hello future billionaires.

My name is Kevin, known as KevinOG in game. 
A few things about me:

I am currently 25 years old, and live in Sweden. I work as a bar manager for one of Stockholm’s best restaurants and have currently been there for 3 years.

I have 2 kids (both boys) one age 3 and one soon to be 1.

I was the first supporter for the server and my current mission is to find flaws within the server to exploit. I have found a few thing note wordy. And my quest continues!

other then that I just reached 100k in game. (Was a grind at this stage of the server, no idea knowing how the future money makers will be)


hopefully I will see a ton of people online soon, it gets a bit boring being alone with these 2 weird server owners watching every step and glitch I do.

til we meet again - Kevin

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Godlycrusaders Admin
32 posts
13 topics
about 1 year ago

What he said-- Wait...

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