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Feedback (Read before you post anything)
Godlycrusaders Admin
32 posts
13 topics
about 1 year ago

As highlighted in our vision(read it here if you haven't yet) we value Staff & Community Exchange a lot.

And Feedback is where you, the Community comes into play, as we want to provide a fun experience for you guys.
In this sub-forum you can create Posts yourself and provide us with Feedback on the Beta (Please do not post Bugs here).

If possible, it would be great to have screenshots or videos attached, as well as ideas on how to improve certain aspects of gameplay!
We do not provide a general structure for these Feedback posts as we, once again, want to give you as much Freedom as possible(but please write them in English!!! Or else we'll have to delete them).
You can also comment and reply on other's Feedback and maybe bring in even more ideas, hint at the Feature already existing etc.


~ Godly